Aerosol paints in the market  are basically 1-Component aerosol paints. The difference between 1-component (1K) and 2-component(2K) is, 1K dries by solvent evaporation whereby 2K dries by chemical reaction. 1K has a poor glossy effect compared to 2K which has a high glossy effect and very good abrasion resistance. 1K has poor resistance against the weather compared to 2K which has a very good  resistance against the weather and 1K rust easily compared to 2K which is anti-rust.

The traditional single component aerosol system is unable to mix hardener and resin in a pressurized can. When the two chemicals are mixed together, the chemical reaction will cause it to solidify over a short period of time and can no longer be used, hence the limited performance. In addition, the traditional way of using spray gun system or air compressor to mix 2 packs, 2 parts or 2 components of chemicals is very tedious and difficult.

However, SAMURAI® Research and Development team had spent over 5 years in research , and have successfully invented to total spray paint! Just a simple step with 2K SAMURAI® you can enjoy the top quality spray results, just like using a spray gun in a workshop.


  1. Practice 2 in 1 concept (mix hardener and resin) in an aerosol can.
  2. Patented in Utility Innovation & Industrial Design in Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand, Vietnam and Australia.
  3. Formula ratio of hardener to resin is 1:2(compared to formula ratio of 1:4 in the market).
  4. Guarantee highest product quality results, just like with a spray gun in a workshop.
  5. Sprayed items can be dried in temperatures between -7°C to 40°C.
  6. V.O.C (Volatile Organic Compounds) compliant with international convention.
  7. Easy to use, no extra tools or equipment needed.
  • Weather resistance
  • Excellent abrasion resistance against scratches
  • Good harness and adhesion
  • Anti-corrosion has very

Step by Step 2K Activation